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Sleek packaging drew me in. Making wine at home, who knew? Each step, from start to finish, a satisfying experience. Wine no longer just a drink, now a creative expression. Uncorked my labor, felt like a true vintner. Fontana Wine Kit, a journey of self-discovery & winemaking spirit.


Tasting notes

Gerald Thomas
Washington State Merlot
The high-quality ingredients and easy instructions make wine making a breeze, resulting in a crisp and refreshing wine. I appreciate the care and attention put into creating this kit. The wine is exquisite, and I am proud to share it with others. I appreciate your passion for quality wine.
Emily Jones
Zinfandel Blush Wine
I recently tried Fontana's Zinfandel Blush Wine Kit, and I'm impressed! The ingredients are high quality, and the instructions are easy to follow. The final product was fantastic, with a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors and a beautiful rosy color. It was a hit at my dinner party and my guests were impressed. I recommend it to any wine lover.
The Chardonnay wine that I produced was smooth and delicious, with a subtle oak flavor and a hint of vanilla. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional the final product tasted. I have recommended this kit to friends and family, and they have all had great experiences as well. It's truly amazing how a kit can produce such a great tasting wine right in the comfort of your own home.
I recently tried Fontana's Merlot Wine Kit as a beginner and was impressed! The instructions were clear and the ingredients were high quality, making the winemaking process easy. The final product was delicious and full-bodied, tasting like a professional wine. I loved learning about wine and making it at home. Highly recommend to any beginner looking to explore their love for wine.
Billy T
Washington Walla Walla
I recently tried Walla Walla White Wine and was impressed by its bright, crisp taste with hints of citrus and minerality. It had a clean finish and paired well with various dishes. A great representation of the region's winemaking expertise. Highly recommend to all wine lovers.


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