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Master the Art of Winemaking with Lalvin 1116, Unlock Flawless Fermentation

For the artisan winemaker and crafting connoisseur, discovering the Lalvin 1116 Wine Yeast is akin to uncovering a secret weapon. This premium Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain has been meticulously designed to breathe life into white grape varieties, offering them a crisp, refreshing palate. From vineyards to wine presses, indulge in the assurance that your wine retains its natural, fresh fruit aromas longer and more robust.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for White Grape Varieties: Delivers a distinctively crisp, light, and refreshing taste.
  • Prolonged Freshness: The active competitive factor ensures lasting fruit aromas.
  • Versatility: Highly recommended for icewines, radiant rosés, and rich reds.
  • Stellar Alcohol Tolerance: Thrives in alcohol levels ranging from 11.5% to 18%.
  • Consistency: Ensures limited production of vinyl phenols (POF-) and is non-compatible with malolactic bacteria.


Q: What grape varieties does Lalvin 1116 best complement? A: This yeast shines with white grape varieties, imparting them with a crisp and refreshing palate. It's also ideal for icewines, rosés, and red wines.

Q: How does it help retain the fresh fruit aromas in wines? A: Thanks to its active competitive factor, Lalvin 1116 enables winemakers to prolong the natural freshness and aroma of the fruit.

Q: What's the alcohol tolerance of this yeast? A: Lalvin 1116 efficiently works in alcohol levels ranging from 11.5% to 18%.

Q: Is it compatible with malolactic bacteria? A: No, Lalvin 1116 is not compatible with malolactic bacteria.

Q: Does this yeast produce any off-flavours? A: It ensures a low production of vinyl phenols (POF-), ensuring a clean fermentation process.

Q: Where is Lalvin 1116 produced? A: This premium-grade yeast is proudly produced in Canada, reflecting dedication to quality and winemaking excellence.

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