Sparkolloid (25 kg | 55 Lb)

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Crystal Clarity for Connoisseur Creations

Engage with the precision of Sparkolloid – the secret ally of wineries, crafting enthusiasts, and winemaking professionals. Tailored for those passionate about pressing fruits and grapes, this powder unlocks wine clarity while safeguarding its cherished aroma, body, and flavor.

Key Features:

  • Elevated Clarity: Designed to remove impurities, offering unparalleled wine clarity effectively.

  • Efficient Dose: Just 30 grams can treat one gallon of wine, ensuring lasting clarity with less.

  • Balanced Acidity: Increases wine acidity by a minimal 0.1%, maintaining the wine’s genuine character.

  • Multi-Functionality: Works brilliantly after bentonite or carbon fining to help compact the leaves.

  • Preserve Authenticity: Clarifies without compromising the wine's aroma, body, and flavor.


Q: What's the primary purpose of Sparkolloid? A: Sparkolloid is formulated to clarify wine, removing impurities while preserving its aroma, body, and flavor.

Q: How much do I need for my wine? A: A single 30-gram sachet efficiently treats one gallon of wine.

Q: Will it alter my wine's natural acidity? A: Sparkolloid subtly increases the wine's acidity by 0.1%, ensuring minimal impact.

Q: Can I use it with other fining agents? A: Absolutely! It's ideal after using bentonite or carbon fining to help compact the lees.

Q: How does it affect the wine's aroma and taste? A: Sparkolloid enhances clarity without affecting the wine’s authentic aroma, body, or flavor.

Q: Where is Sparkolloid manufactured? A: This precision-crafted product hails from the United States, ensuring top-tier quality and performance.

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