Spraymalt Amber | Premium Dry Malt Extract Powder for Exceptional Brews (25 kg | 55 Lb)

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Elevate Your Homebrew to New Heights

Unlock the secret to brewing extraordinary beer with Spraymalt Amber. This premium dry malt extract powder, meticulously crafted from the finest malts and perfected through expert spraying and drying techniques, guarantees exceptional results with every brew.

Spraymalt Amber is your key to elevating your homebrewing game. This premium dry malt extract powder, carefully derived from the highest-quality malts and expertly sprayed and dried to perfection, ensures a consistent and soluble composition that guarantees outstanding results in every batch.

Why Choose Spraymalt Amber?

Spraymalt Amber boasts a captivating amber hue and a rich, malty flavor, making it the preferred choice for brewing various beer styles, including Scottish ales, ESB, milds, and brown ales. Its ability to enhance the quality, flavor, and body of your brew makes it an essential ingredient for every homebrewer aspiring to create exceptional beers.

This exceptional ingredient works wonders when combined with sugar, providing a remarkable boost to your beer's overall quality and flavor profile. Incorporating Spraymalt Amber can result in an approximate 20% increase in the body, delivering a beer with a more satisfying mouthfeel and enhanced depth of character.

But that's not all – Spraymalt Amber offers you the chance to elevate a standard beer kit into a premium masterpiece. By substituting sugar with Spraymalt, you unlock a new level of complexity and richness, transforming your brew from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choose Spraymalt Amber for its premium quality, consistent performance, and unparalleled ability to enhance the flavors and body of your brews. Unleash your creativity and craft exceptional beers with the confidence that Spraymalt Amber brings to your brewing process.

Key Features:

  • Premium Dry Malt Extract: Crafted from the finest malts for superior brewing results.
  • Captivating Amber Color: Infuse your brews with an appealing amber hue.
  • Rich Malty Flavor: Add depth and complexity to Scottish ales, ESB, milds, and brown ales.
  • Enhanced Quality and Flavor: Elevate your brews with a more satisfying and enjoyable taste.
  • Increased Body: Experience a significant boost in mouthfeel and richness.
  • Transform Standard Kits: Take your beer kits from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Convenient and Soluble: Easy blending and dissolution simplify your brewing process.


Q: How much Spraymalt Amber should I use in my brew?
A: The recommended usage of Spraymalt Amber is typically 1kg per 23 litres (5 gallons) of wort. However, adjustments can be made based on desired flavor and body characteristics.

Q: Can Spraymalt be used as a standalone ingredient without sugar?
A: Absolutely! Spraymalt can be a standalone ingredient, offering its unique malty flavors and contributing to the beer's body. Experimentation is encouraged to find the perfect balance for your desired brew.

Q: Is Spraymalt suitable for all types of beer?
A: Spraymalt Amber is a versatile ingredient suitable for various beer styles, including Scottish ales, ESB, milds, and brown ales. Its malty flavor profile complements these styles exceptionally well, enhancing their character and depth.

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