Plastic Screw Cap Pack of 100 (28 mm | 1 1/8 in)

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Secure Your Beverages with Precision: 100 White Plastic Screw Caps

Efficient Sealing Redefined: Durable 28 mm Screw Caps for Quality Preservation.

Enhance your bottling process with our pack of 100 White Plastic Screw Caps, an essential for anyone engaged in homebrewing or beverage crafting. Manufactured in Canada, these caps are designed to fit standard bottles, including 500 ml sizes, ensuring a tight and secure seal. The 28 mm size (just 1 1/8 inches) makes them versatile for various containers. The 400 continuous thread feature offers a reliable closure, keeping your beverages fresh and safe from contamination. These white caps add a clean, professional look to your bottles and guarantee a durable seal for optimal product preservation.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: 28 mm size fits most standard bottles, including 500 ml.
  • Strong Thread Design: 400 continuous threads ensure a firm, leak-proof seal.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable plastic for long-lasting use.
  • Clean White Appearance: Adds a neat and professional look to your bottles.
  • Large Pack Quantity: 100 caps per pack, perfect for small and large-scale projects.


Q: Are these screw caps suitable for carbonated beverages? A: Their robust thread design provides a secure seal, making them ideal for carbonated drinks.

Q: What types of bottles can these caps fit? A: They are designed to fit any standard bottle with a 28 mm neck, such as 500 ml bottles.

Q: Can these caps be reused for multiple bottling sessions? A: Absolutely; their durable construction allows for repeated use without losing effectiveness.

Q: Is the white color of the caps prone to staining? A: The high-quality plastic used is resistant to staining, maintaining a clean appearance.

Q: Are these caps easy to screw on and off? A: The continuous thread design ensures easy application and removal suitable for all users.

Q: Where are these screw caps manufactured? A: They are proudly made in Canada, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

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