5 Bags & 1 Box | Cool and Swirly (5 L | 1.32 gal)

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5 Bags & 1 Box | Cool and Swirly (5 L | 1.32 gal): Trendy, Eco-Friendly Beverage Packaging

Innovative Canadian Design for Stylish and Sustainable Liquid Storage

Add a touch of modern flair to your beverage storage with our Cool and Swirly Bag-in-Box set, including one box and five bags, each with a 5-liter (1.32 US gallon) capacity. This single-use packaging system is expertly crafted to extend the shelf life of liquids like wine, ensuring freshness and quality for several weeks after opening. The food-safe bags are perfect for storing and dispensing all non-carbonated drinks, from water and juices to wines and squashes. Emphasizing environmental sustainability, these bags significantly reduce waste and have an 80% lower carbon footprint than a 75cL glass bottle. Each bag features a tamper-evident original tap for secure and efficient dispensing.

The accompanying box, adorned with a cool and swirly pattern, is visually appealing, refillable, and functional. It has a folding interlocking base and front panel, eliminating the need for tape, and is ideal for use as an alternative to traditional bottles. This food-safe box can cater to various non-carbonated drinks, enhancing the presentation and preservation of your beverages.

Key Features:

  • Chic Design: Eye-catching cool, and swirly pattern, perfect for contemporary settings.
  • Substantial Capacity: Each bag holds 5 liters, which is ideal for various beverage dispensing needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Offers waste reduction and a significantly lower carbon footprint.
  • Food-Safe Bags: Suitable for all non-carbonated drinks.
  • Secure Dispensing Tap: Tamper-evident tap ensures safe and controlled usage.
  • Refillable Box: A sustainable alternative to bottles, easy to assemble without tape.
  • Proudly Canadian: A testament to high-quality and innovative packaging solutions.


Q: What beverages can be stored in these bag-in-box systems? A: Ideal for all non-carbonated drinks, including wine, water, juices, and squash.

Q: How does this packaging contribute to environmental sustainability? A: By reducing waste and having a lower carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles.

Q: Is the tap on the bags secure for dispensing? A: The tamper-evident tap ensures controlled dispensing, keeping the contents secure.

Q: Can the box be reused for other purposes? A: Absolutely, the box is designed for refillable use, making it versatile and eco-friendly.

Q: Why choose a Canadian-made product? A: Canadian-made products are known for their quality and innovation, especially in sustainable packaging.

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