4 Years + | 1000 Bellcork #7 Short (38 mm x 21 mm | 1.5 in x0.81 in)

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Discover the Excellence of Bellcork #7 Short Colmated Corks for Extended Wine Aging

Portuguese Craftsmanship Blended with Modern Innovation in Wine Preservation

Bellcork #7 Short Colmated Cork perfectly embodies Portuguese tradition and contemporary winemaking excellence. These corks, designed for winemakers, crafters, and winery owners, are precision-engineered to enhance the aging process of wines intended for enjoyment within four years. Offering a harmonious combination of natural elegance and technological advancement, Bellcork ensures that your wine's flavor and aroma are impeccably preserved, reflecting the highest standards of organoleptic integrity.  

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size for Versatility: Each cork measures 38 mm in length and 21 mm in diameter, fitting a variety of bottles.
  • Enhanced Colmated Design: Filled natural cork pores provide a superior seal for prolonged preservation.
  • Tailored for Four-Year Maturation: Ideally suited for wines destined for consumption within this timeframe.
  • Consistent and Reliable Quality: Produced through a controlled process to ensure peak performance in every cork.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Constructed using eco-friendly materials like natural resin and rubber glue.


Q: How does colmation benefit these corks? A: Colmation significantly enhances the cork's sealing properties, which is crucial for maintaining the wine’s flavor and aroma over the intended aging period.

Q: Are these corks suitable for wines with complex flavors? A: They are excellent for maturing complex wines, providing the seal for proper flavor development.

Q: Are the materials used in Bellcork #7 Short corks environmentally friendly? A: We utilize natural resin and rubber glue, prioritizing environmental responsibility alongside product safety and quality.

Q: Is the sizing of these corks compatible with standard wine bottles? A: The 38 mm by 21 mm dimensions are versatile, catering to various bottling requirements.

Q: How do these corks contribute to the wine aging process? A: They offer an optimal seal, crucial for controlled aging, particularly for wines meant to be enjoyed within four years.

Q: Why should I choose Bellcork corks for winemaking? A: Selecting Bellcork means opting for a product crafted with meticulous care and designed to uphold the integrity and quality of your wine throughout its maturation.

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