6 Years + | 1000 Diamond Cork #8 Short (38 mm x 22 mm | 1.5 in x 0.87 in)

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Diamond Cork #8 Short: The Epitome of Portuguese Excellence for Wine Aging

Embark on a Superior Aging Journey with Natural Cork Stoppers

Presenting the Diamond Natural Cork #8 Short, a jewel of Portuguese craftsmanship, tailored explicitly for the nuanced requirements of sophisticated winemaking. These corks are more than mere stoppers; they are custodians of your wine’s aging process, promising a harmonious evolution for over six years. Sourced from a single strip of 100% natural cork and refined with advanced technology, each cork offers an unmatched sealing solution that reveres the wine's complexity and the winemaker's skill.

Key Features:

  • Optimally Sized: Measures 38 mm x 22 mm (1.5 in x 0.87 in), offering a versatile fit for various bottle types.
  • Single-Strip Natural Cork: Ensures superior quality and sustainable production.
  • Tailored for Extended Aging: Designed for wines elegantly mature over six years or more.
  • Technological Enhancement: Blends traditional practices with modern precision.
  • Authentic Portuguese Heritage: Each cork is a testament to Portugal’s renowned cork-making expertise.


Q: What advantages do single-strip corks offer? A: Single-strip corks provide a more uniform and effective seal, crucial for enhancing the wine's aging process.

Q: Are Diamond Natural Corks appropriate for long-term aging? A: Absolutely; they are expertly designed for wines intended for consumption after six years, ensuring a seamless aging journey.

Q: How does the size of the Diamond Cork #8 Short accommodate different bottles? A: Their standardized dimensions make them compatible with a wide range of wine bottles, ensuring a flawless seal.

Q: What does the advanced technological processing entail? A: This process includes meticulous cutting and quality treatment of the cork to guarantee superior performance and durability.

Q: Can these corks preserve the complex flavors of wine over time? A: They are crafted to maintain and enhance the wine’s organoleptic properties throughout extended aging.

Q: Why is choosing a Portuguese product beneficial for sealing wine? A: Opting for a Portuguese cork means selecting a product renowned for its exceptional quality in the global cork industry.

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