8 Years + | 1000 Winery 1st Cork BWC #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)

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Winery 1st Cork BWC #9 Short: Excellence in Wine Aging for Over Eight Years

Portugal’s Premium Corks for the Ultimate Wine Maturation Experience 

Embrace the Winery 1st Cork BWC #9 Short, a testament to the art of cork production, specifically designed for wines that reach their zenith after eight years of aging. These corks, born from Portugal's rich natural landscapes and innovative technologies, offer an elite sealing solution, elevating the maturation process for Icon and Premium wines. Their unmatched quality and performance make them a top choice for wines of all types, earning acclaim from leading vintners and wine enthusiasts worldwide for their reliability in preserving the integrity of fine wines.

Key Features:

  • Precision Fit: Measuring 38 mm x 24 mm (1.5 in x 1.31 in), these corks provide a secure seal for various bottle sizes.
  • 100% Natural Portuguese Cork: Sourced from Portugal, ensuring a high-quality, natural seal.
  • Tailored for Extended Aging: Optimal for beautifully mature wines over eight years.
  • Advanced Craftsmanship: Merges traditional methods with modern technology for peak sealing performance.
  • Preferred by Wine Experts: Revered for unmatched quality and reliability in wine preservation.


Q: How do Winery 1st Cork BWC #9 Short corks facilitate long-term wine aging? A: Their precise dimensions and superior material provide an impeccable seal crucial for maintaining wine quality over prolonged periods.

Q: Are these corks versatile for different wine types? A: Absolutely, while ideally suited for Icon and Premium wines, they enhance the aging process of any wine category.

Q: What benefits does the natural cork material offer? A: Single-strip natural cork ensures uniform quality, which is crucial for a consistent and effective seal during maturation.

Q: How does modern technology enhance these corks? A: Advanced techniques optimize the cork’s physical properties, ensuring the highest sealing efficiency for the wine’s aging process.

Q: Why is Portuguese cork renowned in winemaking? A: Portugal's expertise and tradition in cork production yield corks known for exceptional quality and sustainable practices.

Q: Are Winery 1st Cork BWC stoppers environmentally sustainable? A: Yes, these corks are crafted from renewable resources, embodying eco-friendly practices while ensuring excellence in wine preservation.

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