7 Years + | Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short 38x24 (PK100)

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Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short | Premier Natural Cork for Extended Wine Maturation

Seal of Excellence: The Choice for Iconic Wines

The Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short is the epitome of cork-stopper sophistication, destined for wines that demand the passage of time to unveil their full complexity. Crafted from a single strip of natural cork and honed with the latest technology from Portugal, this stopper is not just a tool but a guardian of the wine's evolution. It's the preferred choice for Icon and Premium wines targeted for consumption after five years or more, providing an optimal seal that facilitates flawless aging. This stopper stands as the hallmark of quality, meeting the expectations of top-tier winemakers and discerning wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Measurements: 38 mm in length and 24 mm in diameter for a universal fit.
  • Pure Natural Cork: Sourced from a single strip for consistency and quality.
  • Extended Aging Potential: Crafted for wines that mature gracefully over seven years.
  • Technologically Enhanced: Utilizes state-of-the-art processes for perfect sealing.
  • World-Class Standards: Meets the rigorous demands of leading winemakers and connoisseurs.


Q: What distinguishes the Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short for premium wines? A: Its single-strip natural cork construction ensures a reliable seal that's vital for the proper maturation of premium wines over an extended period.

Q: Can this cork be used with all types of wine? A: Yes, while it is designed for premium wines, its superior sealing properties are beneficial for all wine categories.

Q: How does the technology used in crafting these corks contribute to wine aging? A: Cutting-edge technology enhances the cork's sealing ability, protecting the wine's quality and allowing for an impeccable aging process.

Q: Why is Portuguese cork highly valued in the wine industry? A: Portugal's longstanding tradition and innovation in cork production ensure a product of unparalleled quality and sustainability.

Q: Is the Winery 2nd BWC Cork #9 Short environmentally sustainable? A: Absolutely, being a 100% natural cork, it's a renewable resource, harvested in an eco-friendly manner that supports sustainability.

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