Pale Ale Beer Making Kit (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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  • The ABC Crafted Series Pale Ale Beer Making Kit weighs 1.8 kg (1800 g, 63 1⁄2 oz, or 3 15⁄16 lb). This kit includes some of Europe's finest malt extract and a high-quality yeast strain to create the desired aromas for your pale ale. The kit also includes instructions on how to brew your beer and make a volume of 23 L (6 gallons). To make your pale ale, you'll need to add dextrose (1 kg, 1000 g, 35 1⁄4 oz, or 2 3⁄16 lb) and have the necessary brewing equipment. American pale ales are inspired by the English pale ale and are known for their bold citrus and pine-like hops. With so many variations, the American pale ale has become one of the most popular beer styles in the US.
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