Oak Barrel (47 L |12.41 gal)

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Elevate Your Winemaking with European Excellence, The Heart of Aging Perfection.

Delve into an enriched winemaking experience with our 47-litre Oak Barrel. Skillfully tailored for wineries, grape-pressing artisans, and avid winemakers, this barrel stands out as the epitome of European craftsmanship. Engineered for those who value flavour depths, it adds impeccable medium toast nuances to your brews and wines. Taking your winemaking journey from ordinary to extraordinary, this barrel, a product of Portugal, echoes the expertise of the European legacy without the tags of origin.

Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: Offers 47 L or 12.41 gal, ideal for robust aging.
  • Medium Char Delight: Interior flamed to level 3, ensuring those medium toast flavour profiles.
  • Crafted for Longevity: Instructions provided for preventing leakages and ensuring optimal maintenance.
  • European Signature: Reflecting unparalleled Portuguese craftsmanship.
  • Hygienic Packaging: Seamlessly packed in aseptic clean rooms for purity.


Q: What unique flavor does a level 3 char offer? A: The medium char or level 3 provides a distinct medium toast flavour, enriching the drink's overall profile.

Q: How can I prevent the oak barrel from leaking? A: Regular hydration by filling with water for a few consecutive days, especially after prolonged storage, can prevent leaks.

Q: Will adding my brew or wine to the barrel stop the leaks? A: No, adding your drink directly won’t fix leaks. The barrel requires proper maintenance as instructed.

Q: What if the barrel keeps leaking after submersion? A: In rare cases, using beeswax or candle wax with a hairdryer can seal persistent leak areas.

Q: Are these barrels pre-tested for leaks? A: Absolutely, every barrel undergoes thorough leak testing before shipping.

Q: Where are these oak barrels crafted? A: These oak barrels are authentic products of Portugal, symbolizing European finesse.

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