Oak Barrel (47 L |12.41 gal)

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  • The 47-litre Oak Barrel is a perfect addition to your winemaking or brewing setup. The interior is flamed to a medium char (level 3) to impart delicious medium toast flavours to your drink. Proper maintenance is key to avoiding leaks, as leaving the barrel empty can cause the wood to dry and contract, leading to liquid leaks. To prevent leaks, it's important to fill the barrel with water and replace it every day for 3 days if it has been stored for a long time. If the barrel is still leaking after 5 days of rehydrating, it may need to be fully submerged in water and weighed down. Topping up the barrel with your drink won't stop the leaks. If leaks persist after submerging, you can use beeswax or candle wax and a hairdryer to seal the leaking area. All barrels are leak tested during production, and any damage during transport can result in a cracked barrel. To ensure a leak-free experience, keep the barrel topped up and never leave it empty.
  • Product of Portugal

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