Self Leveling Funnel (15 cm | 5 1.31 in)

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Self-Leveling Funnel: A Game-Changer in Bottling Efficiency

Elevate your home brewing and small-scale production with the innovative Self-Leveling Funnel from Italy. Designed to simplify your bottling process, this funnel features high-heat plastic material and a user-friendly design, ensuring every bottle is filled to perfection. Experience the ease and precision of bottling like never before!

Key Features:

  • Heat-Resistant Material: Crafted from high-heat plastic, it is ideal for handling hot liquids.
  • Comfortable Grip: Designed with a soft grip for ease of use and comfort.
  • Automatic Level Cut-Off: Ingeniously cuts out at a set level to ensure consistent bottle filling.
  • Perfect for Small-Scale Production: An ideal solution for home brewers and small-scale producers. 
  • Italian Design and Craftsmanship: A testament to quality and innovation in bottling technology.
  • Effortless and Precise Bottling: Simplifies the process, providing accurate and uniform fills.

FAQs: Q: Can the Self-Leveling Funnel handle boiling liquids? A: Its high-heat plastic material is suitable for hot liquids near boiling points.

Q: Is this funnel suitable for all bottle sizes? A: It is designed to accommodate standard bottle sizes, making it versatile for various bottling needs.

Q: How does the automatic level cut-off feature work? A: The funnel is engineered to stop filling once the liquid reaches a pre-set level, ensuring uniformity in every bottle.

Q: Is the Self-Leveling Funnel easy to clean? A: Its design and material make it straightforward to clean and maintain.

Q: Can this funnel be used for beverages other than beer? A: Absolutely! It's versatile enough for various liquids, including wines and spirits.

Enhance your bottling process with the Self-Leveling Funnel, an embodiment of Italian innovation and quality. This product simplifies bottling and ensures consistency and precision with every use. Ideal for home brewers and small-scale producers who value efficiency and accuracy in their craft.

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