Oak Barrel Stand (47 L | 12.41 gal)

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Lift Your Passion to New Heights.

Crafted for dedicated wineries, grape-press enthusiasts, and pioneering winemakers, our 47-litre Oak Barrel Stand removes the aging process's complications. Engineered in Portugal, the stand gracefully raises your barrels, making the filling procedure a seamless experience. With a nod to European craftsmanship, this stand, without the tags of origin, becomes an essential tool for anyone deeply immersed in the winemaking craft. Embrace efficiency; choose the Oak Barrel Stand.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: Designed specifically for 47 L or 12.41 gal barrels.
  • Easy Filling: Elevated design ensures a hassle-free fill.
  • Sturdy Craftsmanship: Robust build to securely hold barrels during aging.
  • European Elegance: Echoes the precision of Portuguese expertise.
  • Clean & Pure: Thoughtfully packed in aseptic rooms for supreme hygiene.


Q: What barrel sizes is this stand compatible with? A: The stand is tailored for 47 L or 12.41 gal barrels.

Q: Does the elevation facilitate a spill-free fill? A: Absolutely, the design enhances ease-of-fill, minimizing potential spills.

Q: How durable is this stand? Can it hold filled barrels securely? A: Crafted with robustness in mind, it securely supports filled barrels without wobble.

Q: Is assembly required for this stand? A: The Oak Barrel Stand is designed for a user-friendly setup, making it quick to assemble.

Q: What material is used in its construction? A: The stand boasts fine oak, capturing the essence of European craftsmanship.

Q: Where is the Oak Barrel Stand made? A: This product is an authentic representation of Portuguese finesse made in Europe.

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