Hot Portuguese Pepper Paste | Adds Fiery Flavors to Piri Piri Chicken, Stews & More - 370g | 13oz Jar - Authentic Product of Portugal

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Indulge in the fiery and flavorful "Pepper Paste Hot" in a generous 370-gram (13-ounce) jar. This sizzling condiment originates from the Azores region of Portugal, known for its vibrant culinary heritage.

Made from deep red peppers, it offers a tantalizing fusion of smoky and salty notes that will awaken your taste buds. Elevate the taste of your favourite Portuguese-style stews, chicken dishes, and meats with this remarkable paste. A small amount is enough to infuse your meals with a bold and spicy kick.

To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to refrigerate the paste after opening. Experience the authentic and fiery flavours of Portugal with this exceptional product that is sure to add a fiery twist to your culinary adventures.

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