Non Alcohol Wine O%riginal Blush 0.5% (750 ml | 25.3 oz)

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  • Selling Unit: Each
  • Size: 750 ml | 25.3 oz
  • Colour: Salmon
  • Aroma: Spicy red fruit tea, blueberry, and currant
  • Palate: Fresh, crunchy, with an aroma of blueberry and currant
  • Finish: Medium
  • Red grapes are fermented as rosé at 24ºC.  After fermentation, the wine is dealcoholized by a physical process (spinning cone).
  • José Maria da Fonseca was a pioneer in creating the first Portuguese alcohol-free wines. The brand O%riginal was created to reflect the benefits/characteristics of the product itself. A real, authentic wine (original) without alcohol (<0.5%). O%riginal gives you a complete wine experience without the alcohol.
  • Produced from the grape variety Syrah and crafted using traditional winemaking methods, the alcohol is gently removed by a physical process while preserving the wine´s delicate aromas and flavours.
  • Case Pack: 12 Bottles
  • Product of Portugal

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