Fried Fava Beans 10 per Case (180 g | 6.3 oz)

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Savor the Crunch with Fried Fava Beans - Single-Serve Delight!

On-the-Go Crunchiness - Portuguese Perfection in Every Bite

Experience the irresistible taste of our Fried Fava Beans, a crispy and salty delight that brings the authentic flavors of Portugal to your snacking moments. Perfect for on-the-go indulgence, these fried and split beans come in convenient single-serve baggies, ensuring a quick and satisfying snack wherever you are. Ideal for busy lifestyles, these beans are your go-to Grab-and-Go item, offering flavor in every bite.

Key Features:

  • Crispy and Salty: Enjoy fried fava beans' delightful crispiness and salty flavor.
  • Convenient Single-Serve: Portion-controlled baggies for easy on-the-go snacking.
  • Perfect for Anywhere: Store in your car, backpack, or desk for quick access.
  • Grab-and-Go Delight: Ideal as a quick and satisfying snack for busy lifestyles.


Q: Are these Fried Fava Beans truly from Portugal? A: Yes, our Fried Fava Beans are an authentic product of Portugal, bringing you the true flavors of the region.

Q: What makes these beans perfect for on-the-go snacking? A: These beans are conveniently packaged in single-serve baggies, making them an easy and portable snack for any occasion.

Q: Can I store these beans in my car or backpack without issues? A: Absolutely! The portion-controlled baggies ensure easy storage and accessibility wherever you go.

Q: How would you describe the flavor of these Fried Fava Beans? A: These beans offer a delightful combination of crispiness and a satisfying salty flavor.

Q: Are these beans suitable for a quick snack during a busy day? A: These Fried Fava Beans are ideal as a Grab-and-Go item, providing a quick and tasty snack for those with busy lifestyles. 

Q: Can I enjoy these beans guilt-free? A: Our Fried Fava Beans are a satisfying and flavorful snack, perfect for guilt-free indulgence.

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