Skill Level 2 Equipment Only Intermediate Level Craft Making Starter Kit

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  • This Intermediate Level Craft Making Starter Kit provides everything you need to make your first 23 L (6 USG) wine from kits. The kit includes cleaning supplies such as a Medium Brush and B-Brite 3-in-1 Cleaning Powder, a Primary Fermenter 27 L with a lid and strainer, a 23 L Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth, and various fermenting tools like airlocks, a wine bag cap opener, a plastic spoon, and drilled rubber stoppers. Testing supplies include a Hydrometer Test Jar, Triple Scale Hydrometer, two Digital Thermometers, and a Wine Thief Touch Tip. Transferring tools consist of 60" Siphon Tubing, a 24" Racking Cane, a Siphon Valve Filler, and Racking Cane Clamps. Finally, bottling tools include 30 Nova Corks, a Double Lever Hand Corker, customizable plain blank labels, and 100 Shrink Capsules.
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