Filter Pads AF30 100 per Pack (40 cm x 40 cm | 15 3/4 in x 15 3/4 in)

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Elevate Your Winemaking with Swiss Precision, Crystal Clear Results in Every Press

Dive into seamless winemaking with Filter Pads AF30, meticulously crafted for vineyards, fruit-pressing artisans, and winemaking connoisseurs. Engineered with an embodiment of Swiss perfection, these filter pads deliver unmatched purity and clarity in your wines and juices. Whether you’re a seasoned winemaker or a crafting enthusiast, let the AF30 elevate your pressing and winemaking experience.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size for Maximum Filtration: 40 cm x 40 cm (15 3/4 in x 15 3/4 in) ensuring thorough coverage.
  • Post-Fermentation Mastery: Tailored for impeccable filtration following the fermentation cycle.
  • Sterilization Flexibility: Suitable for sterilizing hot water (85°C) or inline steam (125°C), ensuring utmost purity.
  • Advanced 3D Filtration Technology: Efficiently retains solid particles even at high flow rates, guaranteeing clarity.
  • Uncompromised Safety: Utilizes only food-grade, FDA-approved materials.


Q: How do the AF30 Filter Pads clearly differentiate from other pads? A: Thanks to their three-dimensional filtration medium, they retain even minute solid particles, delivering unparalleled clarity after fermentation.

Q: Can I sterilize these pads multiple times? A: For optimal performance and purity, following the provided sterilization guidelines for each use is recommended.

Q: Are they safe for all wines and fruits? A: Absolutely! Manufactured with FDA-approved, food-grade materials, they ensure your yields remain pure and authentic in taste.

Q: Why "Product of Switzerland"? A: This tag stands for Swiss precision, quality, and dedication, ensuring you get the best in filtration technology.

Q: How often can I use a single AF30 Filter Pad? A: Adhering to single-use is recommended for the finest clarity and safety.

Q: Will the pads affect my wine's taste? A: No, the AF30 pads focus on removing impurities without tampering with your wine's natural flavours.

Crafted with Passion. Perfected by Swiss Precision.

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