Filter Pads Carbon Pack of 25 (19.8 cm x 19.8 cm | 70.81)

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Exceptional Filtration for Passionate Vintners, Crafted Clarity, Bottled Brilliance

Unveil the purest expression of your winemaking artistry with the Carbon Filter Pad. This filter embodies European precision and quality and is meticulously designed to fit the meticulous process of winemakers, craft enthusiasts, and those ardent about pressing fruits and grapes seamlessly. Specially tailored for post-fermentation clarity, it is a testament to optimal filtration and craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • Precision Filtration Design: Measures 19.8 cm x 19.8 cm (7.8 in x 7.8 in), ensuring comprehensive coverage during the filtration process.
  • Premium Activated Carbon Material: Incorporates acid and steam-activated carbon, purified cellulose, and natural filter aids for impeccable filtration results.
  • Assured Safety Standards: All materials are food-grade FDA-approved, ensuring that quality and safety go hand-in-hand.
  • Maximized Lifespan: Ensuring a usable life of 5 years, it is advised to store in a dry, odor-free ambiance.
  • Multi-Industry Application: Beyond winemaking, it is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages, attributed to its excellent impurity removal ability.


Q: How does the Carbon Filter Pad promise superior wine clarity? A: Leveraging its acid and steam-activated carbon guarantees optimal decolorization, deodorization, and removal of trace impurities.

Q: How many times can one filter pad be used for filtration? A: To maintain top-notch filtration quality, a single-use is recommended. However, when stored aptly, its shelf-life extends up to 5 years.

Q: Is this filter a better choice compared to loose carbon powders? A: Absolutely. The Carbon Filter Pad offers a more streamlined, mess-free alternative to loose powders, ensuring consistent results.

Q: Can the filter be applied to sectors beyond winemaking? A: Indeed. Its efficacy in impurity removal makes it suitable for pharmaceuticals and the food & beverage industry.

Q: What does "Product of Europe" denote? A: It reflects the product's adherence to Europe's esteemed standards of quality, precision, and craftsmanship infiltration.

Q: How should I store the filter for best results? A: Store the filter in a dry, odor-free environment for peak performance and longevity.

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