Washington State Sauvignon Blanc | 11.5% Medium-Bodied White Winemaking Kit (5.2 L | 1.37 gal)

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Washington State Sauvignon Blanc Winemaking Kit: Your Path to a Refined White Wine

Washington State Sauvignon Blanc Winemaking Kit is ideal for wine enthusiasts looking to craft a medium-bodied white wine with an 11.5% potential alcohol by volume. This premium kit, produced in Canada, is designed to simplify the winemaking process, enabling you to create 23 liters (6.07 US gallons) of exquisite Sauvignon Blanc in just four weeks. Its compact 5.2-liter (1.37 US gallon) size is perfect for beginners and seasoned winemakers.  

Kit Features:

  • Alcohol Content: An optimal 11.5% ABV for a well-rounded wine.
  • Volume: Compact kit size of 5.2 liters (1.37 US gallons), producing up to 23 liters.
  • Winemaking Duration: Ready to enjoy in just 4 weeks.
  • Dimensions: Space-efficient at 7 x 6¼ x 10¾ inches.
  • Weight: Easy to handle at 16.11 lbs (7.33 kg).
  • Kit Components: Includes Wine Base, Yeast, Bentonite, Sulphite/Sorbate, and Fining Agents.

Tasting Notes:

Create a Sauvignon Blanc that boasts a distinctive and enjoyable profile:

  • Sweetness: Moderately sweet, capturing the essence of the grape.
  • Acidity: Perfectly balanced, adding a crisp and refreshing character.
  • Tannin: Subtly present, enhancing the wine’s complexity.
  • Alcohol: Harmoniously integrated at 11.5%, complementing the wine's flavor.
  • Body: Medium, offering a pleasing and approachable mouthfeel.


Q: What is the time required to make the wine? A: Complete your wine in a quick 4-week period.

Q: What will be the alcohol content of the finished wine? A: The wine will have an approximate ABV of 11.5%.

Q: Is additional equipment needed? A: Yes, essential winemaking equipment is required and sold separately.

Q: Can beginners successfully use this kit? A: Absolutely, it's user-friendly for all skill levels.

Q: How much wine does the kit yield? A: It produces about 23 liters (6.07 US gallons).

Embark on a delightful winemaking journey with the Washington State Sauvignon Blanc Winemaking Kit. Whether you're a novice or an experienced wine crafter, this kit offers a convenient and fulfilling way to produce a sophisticated, medium-bodied white wine at home. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own Sauvignon Blanc, a testament to the rich winemaking traditions of Washington State.

every kit makes up to
 30 bottles of wine
make wine for less than $3 a bottle
award winning 
flavours in every kit
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About This Wine

Our Sauvignon Blanc is sunshine in a glass. Aromatic and bright with a crisp, clean finish, this wine features flavors of lemon and kiwi and scents of green apple. The creamy palate is balanced by mouth-watering acidity.

Grape juice concentrate (preserved with sulphur dioxide), liquid invert sugar, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, tanin, ascorbic acid. Additives (included in Wine Kit) Packet A: Bentonite, Packet B: Potassium Metabisulphite, Packet C: Potassium Sorbate, Packet D: Clearing Agent (kieselsol/chitosane), Packet of Yeast.

Wine-making in 4 easy steps

Mix the 
Juice & Yeast
for 28 Days
Add Degas 
& Clarifiers
& Enjoy

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