Straining Bags Cheesecloth Large

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  • Selling Unit: Each
  • Dimensions: 914.4 mm = 91.44 cm = 36 inches x 914.4 mm = 91.44 cm = 36 inches
  • 100% Pure/Natural/Unbleached
  • Instructions: Put it into a pot and boil it with water at least 15 mins, because it is unbleached, you can find dirt on it.
  • Quality Grade 90 Weaves
  • Possible Uses: Nut milk bag alternative(food strainer for milk, tea, jelly, broth, fruit and vegetable juicing, bean sprouting), spices, herbs, handmade soaps, Basting turkey, chicken, fish and other poultry, Canning, wine making, making cheese, greek yoghurt, kombucha, tofu, arts and craft
  • Product of United States

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