Brew Canada Draught (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Craft the Perfect Brew with Brew Canada Draught!

Elevate Your Homebrew Game with Our Smooth and Hoppy Delight!

Unleash your inner brewmaster with the Brew Canada Draught beer-making kit. Weighing in at 1.8 kg (3.15/16 lbs), this exceptional kit is your gateway to a world of craft beer excellence. Experience the magic of brewing your very own draught beer with these enticing features:

Key Features:

  • Easy-Drinking Elegance: Brew Canada Draught offers a fresh and smooth taste that's perfect for all beer enthusiasts.
  • Hoppy Bliss: Indulge in the pronounced hop character that adds a delightful depth to your brew.
  • Generous Yield: Craft a substantial 23 liters (six gals) of your favorite draught beer, ensuring there's plenty to go around.
  • Brewing Made Simple: The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced brewers.
  • Sugar Essentials: To bring your brew to life, you'll need 1 kg (2.3/16 lbs) of dextrose and standard brewing equipment.


Q: How do I brew Brew Canada Draught with this kit?

A: Inside the kit, you'll find detailed instructions to guide you through the brewing process seamlessly.

Q: What additional equipment do I need for brewing?

A: To complete your brewing setup, you'll require 1 kg (2.3/16 lbs) of dextrose and standard brewing equipment.

Q: Can I customize the flavour of Brew Canada Draught?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with additional ingredients like hops, spices, or fruit to craft your unique flavour profile.

Q: What's the flavour profile of Brew Canada Draught?

A: Brew Canada Draught boasts a fresh and smooth taste with a pronounced hop character, creating a well-balanced and satisfying brew.

Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners in home brewing?

A: Yes, our kit is designed to be user-friendly, making it a fantastic choice for those new to the craft.

Q: Where is this product sourced from?

A: Brew Canada Draught beer-making kit showcases European excellence and is packed in the UK, ensuring quality and authenticity in every batch.

Elevate your brewing journey with Brew Canada Draught and craft your perfect brew. Start your home brew adventure today!

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