American Key Lime Cranberry White Winemaking Kit - 5.3 L Sparkling Fruit Blend

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Taste the Fusion: Bold Key Lime Meets Subtle Cranberry

American Key Lime Cranberry Crisp White Winemaking Kit is an exquisite blend designed for true wine enthusiasts. Dive deep into a harmonious fusion where the zest of key limes entwines gracefully with the subtle charm of cranberries, ensuring a perfectly balanced taste with every sip. This sparkling wine mix ensures that neither flavour overpowers the other. Prepared for the passionate homebrewer, craft-maker, and winemaking aficionado, this kit promises a delightful winemaking experience. Each kit empowers you to create up to 23 litres of sumptuous wine, boasting a potential alcohol by volume (PABV) of 07% ABV. It's a journey of flavour you won't want to miss.

Key Features:

  • Harmonious Blend: Perfectly balanced flavours of key limes and cranberries.
  • Generous Quantity: Produces up to 23 L (6.07 gal) of sparkling wine.
  • Quick Turnaround: Transforms into wine in just four weeks.
  • Complete Kit: Includes wine base, yeast, bentonite, and other essential components.
  • Consistent Quality: Achieve potential alcohol levels of 07% ABV.

(Note: The following questions are based on generalized product queries; specific feedback from users is recommended for more tailored FAQs.)

Q: How many bottles can I fill with this kit?
A: You can fill approximately 30 standard wine bottles using the content of this kit.

Q: Are any additional ingredients needed to complete the wine?
A: This kit contains the primary ingredients, but equipment and other supplies are sold separately.

Q: How long does the wine last after it's made?
A: Properly stored, the wine can last for years, but for optimal flavour, it's best consumed within 12 to 18 months.

Q: Is there a specific temperature for fermentation?
A: Yes, it's recommended to ferment at a consistent temperature between 72-75°F (22-24°C) for best results.

Q: Can I age the wine for more extended periods?
A: While the wine is ready in 4 weeks, age it further to refine flavours. However, monitor regularly to ensure the desired taste.

Q: Are there any additives in the wine base or flavour pack?
A: The wine base contains essential ingredients for fermentation. The beverage infusion flavour pack ensures a consistent, delicious flavour for every batch.

Packed in Canada, this winemaking kit is a testament to quality and flavour, promising an enriching wine-crafting experience. 

every kit makes up to
 30 bottles of wine
make wine for less than $3 a bottle
award winning 
flavours in every kit
customize your batch with our unique flavours + enhancers

Wine-making in 4 easy steps

Mix the 
Juice & Yeast
for 28 Days
Add Degas 
& Clarifiers
& Enjoy

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