American Key Lime Cranberry Crisp White Fruit Winemaking Kit (5.3 L | 1.4 gal)

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Craft Your Exquisite Brew with American Key Lime Cranberry Crisp White Fruit Winemaking Kit (5.3 L | 1.4 gal)

Unleash Your Winemaking Passion!

Dive into the fascinating world of craft winemaking with our American Key Lime Cranberry Crisp White Fruit Winemaking Kit. Ideal for enthusiasts eager to explore unique flavor combinations, this kit empowers you to create a vibrant sparkling wine brimming with the zesty tartness of key limes and the sweet, tangy undertones of cranberries.

Embark on a winemaking journey, enjoying the balanced, refreshing blend, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned winemaker. The user-friendly kit ensures a hassle-free, rewarding experience, offering all the essentials for crafting a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweetness: Balanced, accentuated by cranberries
  • Acidity: Bright, enhanced by key limes
  • Tannin: Minimal, allowing the fruit to shine
  • Alcohol: 7% Potential ABV, ensuring a light, crisp finish
  • Body: Light, perfect for a refreshing experience 

Key Features:

  • Distinctive Flavor Profile: Experience a symphony of flavours where the tartness of key limes and the sweetness of cranberries unite to offer a refreshing, balanced sip.
  • Optimal PABV: Achieve a desirable 7% potential ABV for a light, enjoyable drink.
  • User-Friendly: Craft your wine effortlessly, with concise, easy-to-follow instructions included.
  • Compact Design: With its manageable dimensions and weight, storage and handling are a breeze.
  • High Yield: Produce up to 23 liters (6 gallons) of your delightful wine creation, perfect for sharing with friends and family.


  • Q: How is the kit packaged? A: The kit is packed in aseptic clean rooms to ensure quality and purity.
  • Q: Are equipment and supplies included? A: Equipment and supplies are sold separately.
  •  Q: How long will the wine last after being made? A: When properly stored, the wine can last several years, maintaining its flavor and quality.
  • Q: Can I modify the flavor of the wine during the winemaking process? A: While the kit provides specific ingredients for a unique flavor profile, experienced winemakers can experiment with additional ingredients to adjust the taste to their preference.
  • Q: Is any experience needed to use this kit? A: The kit is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for beginners and experienced winemakers.
  • Q: What are the storage requirements for the kit? A: Store the kit in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight before and after opening.

Discover the joy of creating a crisp, balanced, and refreshing wine with the American Key Lime Cranberry Crisp White Fruit Winemaking Kit. Whether you're looking to elevate your winemaking skills or seeking a delightful gift for a craft winemaking enthusiast, this kit is perfect, promising an unforgettable taste adventure with every sip. 

every kit makes up to
 30 bottles of wine
make wine for less than $3 a bottle
award winning 
flavours in every kit
customize your batch with our unique flavours + enhancers

Wine-making in 4 easy steps

Mix the 
Juice & Yeast
for 28 Days
Add Degas 
& Clarifiers
& Enjoy

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