Tennessee Bourbon Essence (50 ml | 1.69 oz)

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Unlock the Secret of Authentic Tennessee Bourbon at Home

Elevate Your Homebrew Game with a Touch of Tennessee

Tennessee Bourbon Essence is the ideal 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.) flavor concentrate for homebrewers, craft-makers, and anyone interested in capturing genuine Tennessee Bourbon's smooth and mellow nuances. Add this essence to neutral alcohols or other liquids and watch your homemade spirits take on the sought-after taste profile of Tennessee bourbon without the high-end price tag.

Key Features

  • Efficient Quantity: One bottle makes up to 1 L of 28% ABV liqueur.

  • Wide Compatibility: Works with 40% ABV alcohol and Pure Brewers Alcobase.

  • Quality Ingredients: Includes glucose syrup, glycerine, and other premium components.

  • Allergen Alert: Contains gluten derivatives and sulfites for those who need to know.

  • Simple Mixing Instructions: Clear, straightforward steps for novice and experienced homebrewers.


Q: How can I achieve the 28% ABV as mentioned?
A: Mix 695 ml of 40% ABV alcohol and 240 g of white granulated sugar in a 1 L bottle. Add the Tennessee Bourbon Essence and around 105 ml of cold water. Shake vigorously.

Q: Can I use this essence with Crafted Series Turbo Yeast Alcobase? 
A: Follow the package instructions to attain a 19% ABV Tennessee Bourbon liqueur.

Q: What ingredients make up Tennessee Bourbon Essence?
A: This concentrate comprises glucose syrup, flavorings, glycerine, water, and caramel color.

Q: Are allergens present in this product?
A: Yes, it contains derivatives of cereals containing gluten and sulfites.

Q: Is this essence suitable for culinary applications?
A: It can be creatively used in cooking to enhance the flavor profile of your dishes.

Q: How many liters of liqueur does one bottle produce?
A: One bottle of Tennessee Bourbon Essence is designed to yield 1 L of liqueur.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately. This product is packaged in Canada.

Why Choose Tennessee Bourbon Essence?

Look no further if you're looking for a dependable and efficient way to recreate Tennessee Bourbon's rich, smooth flavors in your homebrew or culinary creations. Tennessee Bourbon Essence delivers, making it the go-to solution for homebrew enthusiasts and creative cooks.

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