Ice Wine Style Dessert Wine White Winemaking Kit (8 L | 1.75 gal)

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Crafted with precision and care from select grapes. Intensifying their natural sweetness and concentrated flavours, our Ice Wine Winemaking Kit brings the enchantment of ice wine to your home. With vibrant acidity, luscious sweetness, and captivating aromas of ripe fruits and honey, this kit allows you to create a golden-hued, full-bodied ice wine that coats the palate with a velvety texture, leaving a lingering finish that embodies elegance and decadence. Perfect for indulgent moments or as a delightful accompaniment to desserts, this kit offers the rare and treasured experience of crafting your own magical and luxurious ice wine.

Upon completion, our 8 L Ice Wine-Style Winemaking Kit yields approximately 11.5L of your craft-making ice wine, equivalent to 15 bottles of 750ml each (23L). 

Product Features:

  • Designed for crafting exquisite white ice wine at home
  • Features the renowned Riesling varietal for exceptional balance and aromatics
  • 8-litre fermentation vessel with food-grade materials for optimal conditions
  • Carefully selected Riesling grapes for luscious and intensely flavoured ice wine
  • Includes additives for clarity, stability, and enhanced flavour
  • Yields approximately 15 bottles of 750ml each (23L)

Product Benefits:

  • Experience the joy of creating your premium white ice wine
  • Enjoy the lusciousness and complexity of a full-bodied Ice wine
  • Share and impress others with your homemade masterpiece
  • Customize your iced wine to suit your preferences
  • Suitable for both experienced winemakers and beginners


  • How long does making the 8 L Ice Wine-Style Winemaking Kit take? Crafting your ice wine using this kit takes approximately six weeks.
  • What is the alcohol content of the ice wine produced? The ice wine produced using this kit boasts a delightful 13% alcohol content.
  • Can I customize the flavour profile of the ice wine? You can experiment with additional ingredients to customize the flavour profile and create unique blends.
  • How many bottles does the kit yield? The kit yields around 15 bottles of 750ml each, resulting in a total volume of 11.5L.
  • Is the kit suitable for beginners in winemaking? Absolutely! This kit is designed to be beginner-friendly, providing easy-to-follow instructions for a seamless winemaking experience.
  • How does the taste compare to traditional ice wines? The taste of the wine created using this kit captures the essence of traditional ice wines, offering a rich and indulgent flavour profile similar to renowned varieties.

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