Vodka Essence (50 ml | 1.69 oz)

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Unlock the Crisp, Clean Taste of Vodka in Your Craft Brews and Cocktails

Elevate Your Spirits with the Pure Flavor of Vodka

Vodka Essence is a high-quality flavor concentrate that can transform neutral alcohol into delicious vodka-tasting spirits. Optimized for Amazon, Shopify, and Google platforms, this 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.) bottle is geared toward those looking to replicate vodka's subtle yet profound character in their homemade creations.

Key Features

  • Efficient Brewing: A single bottle makes up to 1 L of 28% ABV liqueur.

  • Versatile Usage: Compatible with 40% ABV alcohols or Pure Brewers Alcobase.

  • Premium Ingredients: Includes glucose syrup, flavorings, glycerine, and more.

  • Allergen Alert: Contains derivatives of cereals with gluten and sulfites.

  • Simple Instructions: Detailed mixing guide for an effortless homebrewing experience.


Q: What alcohol base works best with Vodka Essence?
A: Vodka Essence is versatile; it pairs well with 40% ABV alcohol or Pure Brewers Alcobase, giving you the freedom to choose.

Q: How can I get a 28% ABV liqueur?
A: For a 28% ABV, mix 695 ml of 40% ABV alcohol with 240 g of sugar, add the essence, and top off with approx—105 ml of cold water. Shake well to combine.

Q: Is Vodka Essence suitable for cooking?
A: Yes, its clean, neutral profile complements many culinary creations.

Q: What is in the ingredient list?
A: Vodka Essence contains glucose syrup, flavorings, glycerine, water, caramel color, and preservatives.

Q: Are there any potential allergens?
A: The product contains derivatives of cereals with gluten and sulfites.

Q: How much liqueur does a single bottle yield?
A: One 50 ml bottle can produce up to 1 L of liqueur.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately. The product takes inspiration from distinct vodka flavors without claiming geographic origins. The product is packed in Canada.

Why Opt for Vodka Essence?

For hobbyists, craft-makers, and homebrew aficionados, Vodka Essence is the ultimate flavor enhancer. Its simplicity, premium ingredients, and user-friendly directions make it a must-have for your next craft-making session.

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