Ascorbic Acid (25 kg | 55 Lb)

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Bulk Protection: 25 kg Ascorbic Acid for Winemaking

Industrial Scale Freshness: Ascorbic Acid for White Wine Preservation

Our 25 kg (55 lb) offering of Ascorbic Acid is designed for commercial winemaking operations requiring large-scale antioxidant protection. As a crucial agent in safeguarding white wines from the effects of oxidation during processes like racking and bottling, ascorbic acid works efficiently to convert dissolved oxygen into hydrogen peroxide. This reaction prevents oxidative enzymes from altering the wine's color and flavor. The product's bulk size ensures that you have a consistent supply for extensive production needs, maintaining the integrity of each vintage.

Key Features:

  • Large-Scale Supply: Ample ascorbic acid to meet the demands of commercial winemaking.

  • Fast-Acting Antioxidant: Protects wine from oxidation and preserves its quality.

  • Direct Application: Can be stirred into wine just before bottling.

  • Dosage Control: Allows for precise dosing to maintain the wine's natural character.


Q: What is the shelf life of this bulk ascorbic acid? A: Ascorbic acid has a long shelf life when stored properly in a cool, dry place.

Q: Can ascorbic acid be used in conjunction with other preservatives? A: Yes, it's often used alongside sulfites, such as potassium metabisulfite or Campden tablets, for enhanced oxidative protection.

Q: Is this quantity of ascorbic acid cost-effective for smaller wineries? A: While designed for bulk use, smaller wineries that prioritize long-term supply and cost savings may also find it beneficial.

Incorporate our Ascorbic Acid into your winemaking process to ensure the freshness and color of vast quantities of white wine, offering the assurance of quality preservation with each bottle produced. Sourced from the United States, this product is indispensable for wineries committed to excellence at an industrial scale.

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