Citric Acid (25 kg | 55 Lb)

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Acidity Adjusted: Bulk Citric Acid for Winemaking

Balance and Brightness: 25 kg Citric Acid for Flavor and Preservation

Our 25 kg (55 lb) package of Citric Acid is a foundational ingredient for winemakers looking to correct or enhance the natural acidity of their wines. Found abundantly in citrus fruits, citric acid is crucial for wines from low-acid fruits, ensuring the final product has the right balance for optimal taste and preservation. Before adding citric acid, you must test your wine's acid level with pH strips or an acid testing kit, aiming for a pH range of 3.8 to 3.4. This bulk offering is ideal for large-scale wine production, providing a consistent source of quality citric acid made in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Quantity: Ideal for commercial winemaking or frequent home vintners.

  • pH Balance: Perfect for adjusting acid levels in wines with low natural acidity.

  • Taste Enhancement: Citric acid can brighten the flavor profile of your wine.

  • Quality Assurance: Proudly produced in the United States, ensuring a high-quality product.


Q: How much citric acid should I use for my wine? A: Typically, one teaspoon increases the acid content by 0.15% for 1 U.S. gallon, but always verify with pH strips or a kit.

Q: Can citric acid be used for all types of wine? A: Yes, but it's beneficial for wines made from low-acid fruits or to adjust the final pH.

Q: Does citric acid have an expiration date? A: When stored properly in a cool, dry place, citric acid has a long shelf life.

Q: Is citric acid the only acid that can adjust wine pH? A: Other acids like tartaric or malic can also be used, depending on the desired outcome and wine characteristics.

Incorporate our bulk Citric Acid into your winemaking process to ensure that each bottle you produce has the perfect balance of acidity, flavor, and stability. Whether you're a seasoned vintner or a beginner, this product is critical to creating exceptional wines.

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