Glycerin (1 L | 33 oz)

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Enhance Mouthfeel and Fullness with Premium Glycerin for Spirits

Elevate Your Spirits with Smooth Glycerin

Our Canadian-sourced Glycerin, available in a generous 1-liter (33 oz) size, is the ideal additive for crafting superior flavored spirits. This odorless, slightly sweet-tasting carbohydrate, known as glycerol, is key for achieving a luxurious mouthfeel and full-bodied taste in your homemade beverages.

Key Features:

  • Generous Volume: 1 L (33 oz) bottle, perfect for extensive use.

  • Taste Enhancement: Adds a subtle, sweet edge without overpowering the spirit's flavors.

  • Improved Texture: Acts as a smoothing agent, giving spirits a more refined mouthfeel.

  • Non-Fermentable: It does not serve as a food source for wine yeast, ensuring stability in your concoctions.

  • Pure and Odorless: Maintains the spirit's intended aroma while enhancing its body.


  • Q: How does glycerin affect the flavor of spirits? A: Glycerin imparts a slight sweetness and improves the overall smoothness of spirits without altering their essential flavors.

  • Q: Can glycerin be used in winemaking? A: While not a food source for most wine yeasts, glycerin can improve the mouthfeel and fullness of flavored wines.

  • Q: Is this glycerin suitable for all types of spirits? A: Its odorless quality makes it versatile for various spirits, enhancing texture without affecting the taste.

  • Q: How much glycerin should I add to my spirits? A: The amount can vary based on personal preference and the type of spirit, but always start with small increments to achieve the desired smoothness.

  • Q: Will glycerin change the appearance of my spirits? A: No, glycerin is clear and will not alter the color or clarity of your spirits.

  • Q: What is the origin of this glycerin? A: This glycerin is a high-quality product of Canada, ensuring purity and consistency in your spirit-making process.

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