Glycerin (120 ml | 4 oz)

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Smooth Spirits with Canadian Glycerin: A Mixologist's Secret

Perfect the Art of Spirit Crafting with Glycerin

Our 120 ml (4 oz) glycerin is a mixologist's essential for enhancing the texture and taste of flavored spirits. This high-grade, Canadian-made glycerol is the secret behind the luxurious mouthfeel and full-bodied presence in your bespoke concoctions.

Key Features:

  • Compact Size: 120 ml (4 oz) bottle for precise blending and experimentation.

  • Flavor Enhancer: A subtle, sweet undertone elevates the spirit's profile.

  • Superior Mouthfeel: Delivers a smoother, more satisfying texture to every sip.

  • Yeast-Compatible: This will not interfere with fermentation as it is not a primary food source for wine yeasts. 

  • Pure Quality: Odorless to maintain the integrity of your spirit's aroma.


  • Q: How does glycerin benefit the production of flavored spirits? A: It acts as a smoothing agent, enhancing the fullness and mouthfeel without affecting fermentation.

  • Q: What quantity of glycerin is ideal for spirits? A: Start with a small amount and adjust according to the desired smoothness and body of the drink.

  • Q: Can glycerin be used in non-spirit beverages? A: While its primary use is in spirits for its non-fermentable properties, it can be used selectively in other beverages needing a smoother mouthfeel.

  • Q: Is glycerin's sweet taste overpowering? A: No, it has a subtle sweetness that enhances rather than overpowers the spirit's flavor.

  • Q: Will glycerin alter the appearance of my spirits? A: Glycerin is clear and odorless, so it will not change the color or clarity of the spirits.

  • Q: What is the best way to mix glycerin into spirits? A: Dissolve the glycerin in a small amount of the spirit and blend it thoroughly with the rest for an even consistency.

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