French Oak Chip Medium Toast Large (22.7 kg | 50 Lb)

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French Oak Chip Medium Toast Large - A Touch of French Elegance in Every Batch

Transform Your Brew: Refined Aroma, Enhanced Body

Elevate your winemaking and spirit crafting with the French Oak Chip Medium Toast Large (22.7 kg | 50 Lb). Perfect for "home winemaking enthusiasts" and "DIY spirit makers," these oak chips embody the traditional French winemaking virtues, offering a significant quantity for consistent use across numerous batches. Their medium toast brings out the subtleties of the oak, infusing your wines or spirits with a complexity and depth that only quality French oak can provide.

Key Features:

  • Generous Volume: 22.7 kg of oak chips to ensure uniform quality across multiple batches.
  • Refined Oak Influence: Medium toast level for a balanced integration of oak flavors and aromas.
  • Enhances Wine Body: Improves mouthfeel, adding richness and depth to your brew.
  • Time-Efficient Aging: A quick and effective alternative to traditional barrel aging.
  • Adjustable Dosage: Ideal dosage of 1 to 2 ounces per 5 to 6 gallons, customizable to your brewing needs.


Q: How does French Oak Chip Medium Toast enhance my wine or spirits? A: It adds refined oak flavors and aromas, improving the body and complexity of your brew.

Q: What is the recommended dosage for these oak chips? A: Use 1 to 2 ounces per 5 to 6 gallons, adjusting according to your specific taste preferences.

Q: Can I use these chips for both red and white wines? A: Absolutely, they are versatile and suitable for enhancing both red and white varieties.

Q: How do I incorporate these chips into my winemaking process? A: Simply add the oak chips to your fermenter or barrel, following the recommended dosage for the best results.

The French Oak Chip Medium Toast Large is not just an ingredient; it's a testament to the art of winemaking and spirit crafting. Imbued with the heritage of French oak, these chips are a must-have for any serious homebrewer or distiller seeking to add a touch of elegance and complexity to their creations. Craft with confidence and let your wines and spirits sing with the essence of French terroir.

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