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Elevate Winemaking Precision with Canadian Sodium Hydroxide Solution

Optimize Acidity with Sodium Hydroxide in Winemaking  

Our 120 ml (4.2 oz) bottle of Sodium Hydroxide from Canada is a precise tool for winemakers aiming to refine their wine's pH levels. Essential for accurate acidity measurement, this additive is integral to determining Titratable Acidity (TA) in must or wine.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Use: Essential for adjusting the pH level during winemaking.

  • Standard Solution: Typically provided at a 0.1 N concentration for consistent application.

  • TA Measurement: Utilized for the accurate determination of Titratable Acidity in wine.

  • Controlled Addition: Added to wine incrementally until the desired pH meter reading of 8.2 is achieved.

  • Canadian Quality: Sourced from Canada, ensuring a high-quality product for your winemaking needs.


  • Q: What is the purpose of Sodium Hydroxide in winemaking? A: It is used to adjust the wine's pH level and accurately measure the Titratable Acidity.

  • Q: How do you use Sodium Hydroxide to determine TA? A: It's added to the wine gradually until the pH meter indicates a reading of 8.2, corresponding to the titration process's endpoint.

  • Q: What concentration is Sodium Hydroxide typically used at? A: The standard solution for winemaking is usually at a 0.1 N concentration.

  • Q: Is this additive safe to use in winemaking? A: When used correctly and in the right amounts, adjusting pH and determining TA is safe.

Our Sodium Hydroxide solution is a valuable asset for winemakers seeking precision in crafting their wines. Ensure your wine's acidity is perfectly balanced for optimal flavor and stability. Trust in Canadian quality to provide you with the best additives for your winemaking process.

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