Wine Yeast Lalvin 71B/1122 (5 g | 0.176 oz)

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Enhance Your Winemaking with Lalvin 71B/1122: Tropical Aromas Refined

Craft Exceptional Wines with Lalvin 71B/1122 Yeast

Lalvin 71B/1122, a premium Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, is a treasure for winemakers striving to craft wines with a tropical twist. Embodying European winemaking finesse, this yeast is a top choice for those who value aromatic complexity in their wines. Whether you are a professional in a winery or an enthusiast exploring grape and fruit fermentation, Lalvin 71B/1122 is a cornerstone for creating wines with a vibrant, tropical palate.

Key Features:

  • Tropical Aroma Enhancement: Ideal for producing wines with a rich, tropical fruit character.
  • High Alcohol Tolerance: Maintains the integrity of aromas in wines with higher alcohol content.
  • Malic Acid Reduction: Softens wines with high acidity by partially metabolizing malic acid.
  • Malolactic Fermentation Compatibility: Harmonizes well with malolactic bacteria for balanced wine production.
  • Consistent Formulation: Each packet contains 5g, ensuring precision in every batch.


Q: What wine types benefit most from Lalvin 71B/1122? A: It excels in blush and semi-sweet wines, enhancing them with a distinctive tropical flair.

Q: How does Lalvin 71B/1122 influence the wine's aroma? A: This yeast produces stable and pronounced esters, contributing to enduring and rich aromas, especially in high-alcohol wines.

Q: Can Lalvin 71B/1122 help with wines that have high acidity? A: It can mitigate sharpness in high-acid musts by partially breaking down malic acid.

Q: Is this yeast strain compatible with malolactic fermentation? A: Absolutely, it works seamlessly with malolactic bacteria for a smooth fermentation process.

Q: Where is Lalvin 71B/1122 produced? A: This high-quality yeast is proudly produced in Canada, incorporating European winemaking expertise.

With Lalvin 71B/1122, elevate your winemaking craft to a new level of excellence. Its ability to enhance tropical aromas and manage acidity makes it a vital ingredient for creating wines that stand out for their flavor and complexity. Add Lalvin 71B/1122 to your winemaking arsenal and experience the difference in every bottle.

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