Wine Yeast Lalvin RC-212 (5 g | 0.176 oz)

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Transform Your Red Wines with Lalvin RC-212 Yeast, Craft Authenticity in Every Drop

For dedicated winemakers, pressing grapes and fermenting fruits to perfection is an art. Embrace the winemaking revolution with Lalvin RC-212. This specialized Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, inspired by European traditions, is meticulously crafted to serve the pressing needs of wineries, crafting aficionados, and winemakers. With its unique ability to underline the true essence of red wine varietals, Lalvin RC-212 promises a fermentation process that retains and celebrates the authentic flavors of your chosen reds.

Key Features:

  • Varietal Authenticity: Specially developed to enhance the authentic flavors of red wine varietals.

  • Neutral Competitive Factor: Harmoniously blends without out-competing existing microbes.

  • Winemaking Precision: Explicitly bred for an unparalleled winemaking experience.

  • European Craftsmanship: Gleaned from rich European insights, ensuring the pinnacle of quality.

  • Consistent Packaging: Precisely measured at 5g to guarantee optimal fermentation.


Q: Which wines are best complemented by Lalvin RC-212? A: Lalvin RC-212 is perfect for red wine varietals, elevating their genuine and unique flavors.

Q: What is the competitive factor of Lalvin RC-212? A: It possesses a neutral competitive factor, ensuring it seamlessly integrates without overpowering other microbes in the must.

Q: Is Lalvin RC-212 suitable for white wines? A: While its specialty is red wines, creative winemakers might experiment with whites, but the yeast truly shines when paired with red varietals.

Q: How does this yeast influence the flavor profile? A: It aids in bringing forth true-to-varietal flavors, enhancing the wine's natural character.

Q: Can I expect a robust fermentation process with this yeast? A: Absolutely. Lalvin RC-212 ensures a robust and consistent fermentation process tailored for winemaking.

Q: Where is Lalvin RC-212 produced? A: Drawing from European insights, Lalvin RC-212 is a premium product proudly produced in Canada.

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