Argentinian Mendoza Uco Valley | Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Franc | 13.5% Heavy-Bodied Boarding Pass Red Trio Winemaking Kit (16 L | 4.22 gal)

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Unlock the Argentine Enigma: Argentinian Mendoza Uco Valley Boarding Pass Red Trio Winemaking Kit (16 L | 4.22 gal)

Savor the Essence of Argentina’s Wine Country!

Immerse yourself in the splendors of Argentina’s wine tradition with the Argentinian Mendoza Uco Valley Boarding Pass Red Trio Winemaking Kit. Acting as your gateway, this kit transports you to the exquisite landscapes of Mendoza’s Uco Valley, allowing you to handcraft a voluptuous, heavy-bodied red wine in your home. Experience the Argentine terroir's bold flavors and aromatic profiles, creating timeless memories and masterpieces that mirror the region's richness.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweetness: Balanced, subtle sweetness that complements the bold flavors.
  • Acidity: Elevated acidity lends a refreshing edge to the robust wine.
  • Tannin: Firm, well-structured tannins add depth and complexity.
  • Alcohol: A potent 13.5%, contributing to the wine’s entire body and richness.
  • Body: Intense and heavy-bodied, offering a lavish texture and a memorable palate experience.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Grape Blend: Enjoy the intriguing combination of Malbec, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc, known for their bold flavors and aromatic richness.
  • Aromatic Excellence: Delight in the symphony of aromas and flavors, each grape contributes unique characteristics, blending robustness, fragrance, fruitiness, and complexity.
  • Generous Yield: Craft up to 23 liters (approximately 6 US gallons) of splendid Argentine wine, suitable for memorable gatherings and celebrations.
  • Robust and Rich: Relish in the heavy-bodied nature and the 13.5% potential alcohol by volume, creating a lingering, captivating taste experience.
  • Optimized Crafting Duration: Complete the winemaking journey in six concise weeks, witnessing the metamorphosis of flavors and aromas that capture the spirit of Mendoza's Uco Valley.


  • Q: Is any additional equipment required to use this kit?
    • A: Essential equipment and supplies are needed but sold separately.
  • Q: Can I alter the sweetness of the wine?
    • A: Adjusting sweetness is possible post-crafting, but maintaining flavor balance is crucial.
  • Q: What are the storage recommendations for the crafted wine?
    • A: Store the wine in a cool, dark place, preferably in well-sealed wine bottles, to maintain its flavor and integrity.
  • Q: Is aging necessary for this wine?
    • A: While not mandatory, aging can enhance the wine’s richness and complexity.
  • Q: Can you elaborate on the packing conditions of the ingredients?
    • A: The components are meticulously packed in aseptic clean rooms to preserve their quality and purity.

Embark on a unique voyage through Argentina's renowned wine landscapes with the Argentinian Mendoza Uco Valley Boarding Pass Red Trio Winemaking Kit. Explore the fascinating blend of Malbec, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc, each contributing its signature touch to the symphony of flavors. Experience the luxury of handcrafting your rich, heavy-bodied wine, bringing the allure and essence of Argentina’s famed wine region to every glass you pour. Whether a seasoned connoisseur or a craft winemaking enthusiast, this kit is your ticket to an unforgettable Argentine wine adventure.

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