B-Brite TSP Cleaner (454 g | 1 Lb | 16 oz)

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B-Brite TSP Cleaner: The Ultimate Cleaning Agent for Home & Professional Use 

Unlock a New Level of Cleanliness

B-Brite TSP Cleaner. Our Trisodium Phosphate formula efficiently tackles the most challenging cleaning tasks, making it an ideal solution for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Experience superior cleaning and surface preparation in one, with a single pack that makes up to 45 L (11 gallons) of potent cleaning solution.

Key Features

  • Effective Surface Preparation: Ready walls and ceilings for painting by eliminating stubborn grease and dirt.
  • Multipurpose Formula: Suited for various applications, including stove filters, fireplace bricks, and driveways.
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Penetrates and lifts away long-standing grime and stains.
  • Concentrated Power: One 454g pack makes 45 L (11 gallons), offering remarkable value.
  • Safety First: While highly effective, we recommend protective gear for safe use.

Who Needs B-Brite TSP Cleaner?

  • Homeowners: Get pristine walls and floors ready for a fresh coat of paint.
  • Professional Painters: Ensure impeccable surface preparation.
  • Restoration Teams: Clean up post-fire residues like soot and grime.
  • Cleaning Professionals: For demanding commercial spaces that require deep cleaning.
  • Automotive Experts: Degrease parts for optimal functioning.
  • Craftsmen & Builders: Perfect for new brickwork or stone surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How safe is B-Brite TSP Cleaner to use?

A: TSP Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent and should be handled carefully. We strongly recommend following all the safety precautions, including wearing gloves and eye protection during use.

Q: Can it be used on any surface?

A: While incredibly versatile, it’s advised to perform a patch test for sensitivity on each new surface type. This product is primarily intended for walls, floors, and heavy-duty cleaning applications.

Q: Is this product suitable for preparing walls for painting?

A: Absolutely, it’s designed to remove grease and grime from walls, making it ideal for surface preparation before painting.

Q: Does the package come with usage instructions?

A: Yes, complete usage instructions are provided on the packaging, and further details can be found on our website.

Q: How much area can one package cover?

A: One 454g pack can make up to 45 L (11 gallons) of cleaning solution, enough to cover large areas effectively.

Q: Is B-Brite TSP Cleaner eco-friendly?

A: While TSP is a powerful cleaner, it's not considered environmentally friendly. Therefore, proper disposal following local regulations is advised.

Remember, for optimum results and safety, always adhere to the guidelines and precautions stated on the packaging and website.

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