Pilsner Light Beer Kit Pouch (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Unlock the Crisp Refreshment of Pilsner: Your Go-To Light Beer Kit

Craft Unforgettable Moments with Each Brew 

Step into the world of craft-making with our Pilsner Light Beer Kit Pouch, tailored for homebrew enthusiasts. This all-in-one kit is your ticket to brewing a timeless Pilsner with a golden hue and refreshing bitterness. Designed for seamless brewing, our kit is optimized for Amazon, Shopify, and Google platforms, making it the perfect addition to your homebrewing essentials.

Brew a gold standard Pilsner at home with our 1.8 kg (3.9 lb) Light Beer Kit Pouch. This kit packs all the authentic flavours and aromas you seek in a Pilsner, featuring a 4.4% ABV and a clean, lingering bitterness courtesy of Saaz hops. Yielding 23 litres (6 gallons) of top-notch beer, this is your ideal choice for a crisp, light beverage. You'll need 1 kg of Dextrose and your brewing equipment to start.

Key Features

  • Authentic Pilsner Experience: Achieve the golden colour and 4.4% ABV true to a classic Pilsner.
  • Smooth & Refreshing: Infused with Saaz hops for a crisp taste and mild, spicy hoppiness.
  • Generous Yield: Brew up to 23 litres (6 gallons) for sharing or storage.
  • Easy to Use: Add 1 kg of Dextrose and use your standard brewing equipment.
  • Optimal Yeast: Comes with Workhorse yeast, ideally suited for Pilsner brewing.


Is this Pilsner kit apt for homebrewing beginners?

Our Pilsner Light Beer Kit Pouch is crafted for homebrewers of all levels, offering a streamlined brewing process.

What additional equipment is required for this kit?

You'll need your standard homebrewing setup alongside 1 kg of Dextrose, which is not included in the kit.

Can I modify the Pilsner's taste using this kit?

Although the kit is designed to create an authentic Pilsner, you can experiment with additional flavours.

What is the brewing duration for this Pilsner kit?

The brewing cycle, from fermentation to serving, typically takes about 2-4 weeks.

Is the Workhorse yeast included appropriate for Pilsner?

Yes, the Workhorse yeast is specially chosen to complement the characteristics of a Pilsner.

How does this Pilsner differ from other types of beer?

The Pilsner in this kit offers a unique blend of mild, spicy hoppiness and a clean, lingering bitterness, setting it apart from other beer varieties.

Enjoy craft-making and homebrewing with a Pilsner that hits all the right notes. Cheers!

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