Premium Range Brown Ale | Full-Bodied and Satisfyingly Hoppy (1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

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Premium Range Brown Ale | Full-Bodied and Satisfyingly Hoppy

Dive into the Depths of Flavour

Key Features:

  • Full-Bodied and Rich: Immerse yourself in layers of depth and complexity, indulging your senses with every sip of our Premium Range Brown Ale.

  • Satisfyingly Hoppy: Experience the perfect balance of hoppy bitterness and malt sweetness, resulting in a satisfying flavour profile that lingers on the tongue.

  • Original Gravity (OG): With an original gravity ranging from 1036° to 1040°, this beer achieves a well-balanced and delightful profile, ensuring a pleasurable drinking experience.

Product Benefits:

  • Rich and Flavourful Experience: Delight in the depth and complexity of flavours our Premium Range Brown Ale offers. The carefully selected ingredients and meticulous brewing process result in a beer that satisfies the most discerning palates.

  • Balanced and Hoppy: Experience the harmonious marriage of hop bitterness and malt sweetness, creating a well-rounded and satisfying flavour profile that leaves you craving more.

  • Versatile Enjoyment: The Premium Range Brown Ale is perfect for those seeking a beer with character and depth. Its full-bodied nature pairs well with hearty dishes, grilled meats, and savoury cheeses.

  • Abundant Supply: With a weight of 1.5 kilograms (1500 grams or 52 7⁄8 ounces or 3 5⁄16 pounds), our product provides ample quantity for multiple brewing sessions or sharing the joy of brewing with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I customize the flavour profile of the Premium Range Brown Ale?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with additional hops, spices, or specialty grains to create your unique Premium Range Brown Ale variation.

Q: How long does the Premium Range Brown Ale fermentation process take?

A: The Premium Range Brown Ale fermentation process typically takes 7 to 10 days. However, fermentation time can vary depending on temperature and yeast activity.

Q: What temperature is ideal for serving the Premium Range Brown Ale?

A: We recommend serving the Premium Range Brown Ale at a cellar temperature of around 12 to 14°C (54 to 57°F) for optimal enjoyment. This allows the flavours to develop fully and ensures a delightful drinking experience.

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