P.E.T Amber Beer Bottles Pack of 24 (500 ml | 16.91 oz)

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24 Amber P.E.T Beer Bottles (500 ml | 16.91 oz): Durable and Safe Choice for Home Brewers

Canadian-Made Quality for Craft Brewing Enthusiasts 

Step up your brewing game with our 24 Amber P.E.T Beer Bottles, each boasting a capacity of 500 milliliters (16.91 US fluid ounces, 17.6 UK fluid ounces). These bottles offer a robust and safer alternative to traditional glass bottles, ideal for home brewers and craft beer producers. Made from food-grade approved PET material, they feature a classic amber color that looks great and helps protect your beer from UV light. The 28 mm neck size (just short of 1 1/8 inches) is perfectly designed for easy capping (caps sold separately). These bottles are perfect for those seeking a reliable and burst-resistant option. The bottles become rigid when fully carbonated, providing an added readiness indicator. Proudly produced in Canada, these bottles represent the pinnacle of quality and safety in beverage packaging.

Key Features:

  • Substantial Capacity: Each bottle holds 500 ml, ideal for personal or commercial use.
  • Shatterproof PET Material: Offers a safe alternative to glass.
  • UV Protective Amber Color: Preserves the quality and flavor of your brew.
  • Standard Neck Size: Compatible with most standard caps (not included).
  • Indication of Carbonation: Bottles become rigid when fully carbonated, signaling that your brew is ready.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Signifies high-quality manufacturing and durability.


Q: What are the advantages of using PET bottles for beer? A: PET bottles are shatterproof, lightweight, and provide a safer alternative to glass, especially in environments where breakage is a concern.

Q: Can these bottles protect beer from light? A: Yes, the amber color of these bottles helps shield the beer from UV light, preserving its taste and freshness.

Q: Are the bottles reusable? A: Absolutely, these PET bottles are durable and can be reused, offering a sustainable option for home brewers.

Q: Is it easy to cap these bottles? A: They have a standard 28 mm neck size, making them compatible with most beer bottle caps for easy capping.

Q: What is the source of these PET beer bottles? A: These bottles are produced in Canada, ensuring they are made according to high-quality standards.

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