P.E.T Clear Beer Bottles Pack of 24 (500 ml | 16.91 oz)

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24 Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles (500 ml | 16.91 oz): Modern, Safe Brewing Solution

Canadian Quality for Homebrewers and Craft Producers

Introduce a touch of clarity and safety to your brewing process with our set of 24 Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles, each with a capacity of 500 milliliters (16.91 US fluid ounces, 17.6 UK fluid ounces). These bottles are a reliable alternative to traditional glass bottles, perfect for home brewers and craft beer makers looking for a secure packaging solution. Constructed from food-grade approved PET material, the clear design showcases the true color and quality of your brew. With a neck size of 28 mm (just short of 1 1/8 inches), these bottles are designed for easy capping (caps sold separately) and are a great choice for those concerned with the safety risks of glass bottle bursting. Additionally, the bottles become rigid when fully carbonated, providing a useful indicator for brewers. Made in Canada, these bottles are a testament to durable, high-quality craftsmanship in beverage packaging.

Key Features:

  • Ample Capacity: Ideal for personal or commercial brewing, each bottle holds 500 ml.
  • Shatterproof PET Material: Offers a safer, more durable alternative to glass.
  • Crystal Clear Appearance: Allows you to display the clarity and color of your beer.
  • Standard Neck Size: Compatible with most standard beer bottle caps (not included).
  • Carbonation Indicator: Bottles become rigid when fully carbonated, indicating brewing completion.
  • Crafted in Canada: Ensuring top-tier manufacturing and quality.


Q: What makes PET bottles a good choice for beer storage? A: PET bottles are lightweight and shatterproof, reducing the risk of glass bottles bursting making them a safer option.

Q: Can I see the color and quality of my beer with these bottles? A: Yes, the clear design of these bottles allows you to showcase your brew's actual color and quality.

Q: Are these bottles reusable? A: They are durable and can be reused, supporting sustainable brewing practices.

Q: How do I seal these bottles? A: They are designed with a 28 mm neck, suitable for standard beer bottle caps (caps are sold separately).

Q: What is the origin of these PET beer bottles? A: These bottles are proudly made in Canada, reflecting high quality and durability standards.

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