Bellissima Green Bottle Pack of 12 (375 ml | 12.6 oz)

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12 Green Bellissima Bottles: Showcase Your Craft in Style

Distinctive Elegance for Winemaking and Home Brewing

Present your wines and specialty beverages with flair using our 12-pack of Green Bellissima Bottles, each with a capacity of 375 milliliters (12.68 US fluid ounces, 13.2 UK fluid ounces). These bottles embody elegance with their unique Bellissima design, characterized by a slender profile and an elongated neck, differing from the standard shapes used for Pinot Noirs or Merlots. Their rich green color not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also protects them from light, making them ideal for preserving the quality of your brew. Each bottle stands at a height of 305 mm (12.01 inches) and weighs 498 grams (17 5⁄8 oz), equipped with a cork finish and a sizable label panel of 203 mm (7.99 inches) for personalized labeling.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated Green Color: Enhances the visual appeal and provides light protection.
  • Ideal Volume: 375 ml capacity, perfect for personal use or as unique gifts.
  • Distinctive Shape: Longer neck and narrower body compared to standard wine bottles.
  • Cork Finish: Adds a traditional and classic closure style.
  • Spacious Label Panel: Ample space for custom labels and branding.
  • Bulk Packaging: Sold in cases of 12, with a pallet pattern of 130 cases.


Q: What makes Bellissima bottles unique in design? A: Their slender profile and elongated neck offer a distinct and elegant presentation, setting them apart from typical wine bottles.

Q: Are these bottles suitable for all types of beverages? A: While ideal for specific wine styles, they are versatile enough for various wines and specialty beverages.

Q: Is the green color of the bottle functional? A: The green hue adds beauty and helps protect the contents from light, preserving the beverage’s quality.

Q: Can I easily apply labels to these bottles? A: The large label panel accommodates creative and detailed labeling for personalization or branding.

Q: What is the significance of the cork finish? A: The cork finish provides a traditional sealing option, adding to the bottle's classic appeal and ensuring a secure closure.

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