Bordeaux Green Bottles Pack of 24 (375 ml | 12.6 oz)

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24 Green Bordeaux Bottles (375 ml | 12.6 oz): Classic Elegance for Winemaking

Canadian Craftsmanship for Your Finest Vintages

Elevate the presentation of your wines with our set of 24 Green Bordeaux Bottles, each with a capacity of 375 milliliters (12.68 US fluid ounces, 13.2 UK fluid ounces). These bottles, crafted in the classic Bordeaux style, are perfect for winemakers who appreciate tradition and quality. The iconic Bordeaux shape, featuring straight walls and rounded high shoulders, is synonymous with elegance and is the most famous wine bottle style. The green color not only adds a traditional aesthetic but also provides protection from light, helping preserve your wine's flavor and longevity. Each bottle measures 250 mm (about 9.84 inches) in height, with a unit weight of 357 grams (12 5⁄8 oz), and is designed to be finished with a cork. The label panel is generously sized at 130 mm (5.12 inches), allowing ample space for branding and labeling. Proudly produced in Canada, these bottles embody quality and durability.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Bordeaux Design: Classic green bottles with straight walls and high shoulders.
  • Perfect Volume: 375 ml capacity, ideal for wine servings and tastings.
  • UV Protective Green Color: Ensures the wine’s flavor is well-preserved.
  • Cork Finish: Ready to be sealed with a cork for a timeless look.
  • Large Label Panel: Provides enough space for detailed labeling and branding.
  • Canadian Quality: Signifies top-tier manufacturing and craftsmanship.

We recommend that you use a # 7 cork for this bottle.


Q: What makes Bordeaux bottles a preferred choice in winemaking? A: Their classic shape is visually appealing and functional, providing a time-tested design for wine storage.

Q: Can these bottles protect wine from light? A: Yes, the green tint of the glass helps protect the contents from harmful UV rays, preserving the wine’s quality.

Q: Are these bottles suitable for corking? A: Absolutely, they are designed with a cork finish, ready for traditional cork sealing.

Q: Is the label area sufficient for customization? A: The ample label panel allows for creative and informative labeling, perfect for wineries and home vintners.

Q: What denotes the quality of these Canadian-made bottles? A: Made in Canada, these bottles are produced to high standards, ensuring durability and quality for your winemaking needs.

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