Clear Glass Jugs Pack of 6 (2 L | 67.6 oz)

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6 Clear Glass Jugs (2 L | 67.6 oz): Durable and Versatile Storage for Beverages and More

American Craftsmanship in Glassware for Quality and Reliability

Our set of 6 Clear Glass Jugs, each with a 2-liter (67.6 oz) capacity, is a staple for home brewers, craft beverage producers, and anyone needing reliable liquid storage. Made in the USA, these jugs offer a classic, clean look and practical functionality. They are ideal for various uses, including storing and transporting beverages like homemade beer, cider, or kombucha. Each jug features a convenient finger handle for easy carrying and pouring, making it a user-friendly choice for commercial and personal use.

The jugs are made from high-quality, FDA-compliant glass, ensuring your contents stay pure and uncontaminated. The dimensions of each jug are thoughtfully designed to provide ample space for labeling, making them perfect for both commercial branding and home labeling for organizations. The jugs have a 38 mm cap size (caps not included) and a standard size for easy replacement or customization with various cap types, including poly seal caps for an airtight seal.

Key Features:

  • Substantial Capacity: 2 liters (67.6 oz) per jug, ideal for various liquid storage needs.
  • Ergonomic Design: Finger handle for easy carrying and pouring.
  • Label Panel: Ample space for custom labels or branding.
  • Quality Material: Made from clear, FDA-compliant glass.
  • Standard Cap Size: 38 mm cap size (not included) for easy customization.
  • Bulk Quantity: Sold in cases of 6, suitable for personal and commercial use.
  • Made in the USA: Reflects high standards of quality and durability.


Q: What can these glass jugs be used for? A: They are perfect for storing and transporting homemade beverages like beer, cider, kombucha, etc.

Q: Are the jugs durable for regular use? A: They are made from high-quality glass, designed for durability and repeated use.

Q: Is it easy to pour from these jugs? A: Absolutely; the ergonomic finger handle makes pouring simple and convenient.

Q: Can I label these jugs for organization or branding? A: There is ample space on each jug for labeling, ideal for both home organization and commercial branding.

Q: Are the caps included with the jugs? A: Caps are not included, but the jugs fit standard 38 mm caps, allowing easy customization.

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