Versatile Butterfly Clamps 10 per Pack (8-12mm | 0.31-0.47 in)

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Simplify Your Projects with Versatile Butterfly Clamps 10 per Pack (8-12mm | 0.31-0.47 in)

Efficient, Secure, and Tool-Free Clamping Solutions

The Butterfly Clamps, available in a pack of 10, are essential for securing hoses and tubes in various applications. Crafted in Canada, these clamps offer a time-saving and tool-free installation experience. Designed specifically for 7/16" hoses, they feature a size range of 8-12mm (0.31-0.47 in), ensuring a perfect fit for a range of hose sizes. The sturdy construction and easy-to-use design make these clamps ideal for plumbing, automotive, and DIY projects, providing a secure hold and reliable sealing.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Tool-Free Installation: Easy hand-tightening design.
  • Versatile Size Range: 8-12mm (0.31-0.47 in) for 7/16" hoses.
  • Secure and Reliable: Firmly holds and seals hoses and tubes.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: High-quality and durable.
  • Pack of 10: Multiple clamps for various needs.


Q: Can I adjust the Butterfly Clamps without tools? A: Yes, they are designed for easy, tool-free adjustments by hand.

Q: What hose sizes are these clamps suitable for? A: These clamps are ideal for 7/16" hoses ranging from 8-12mm (0.31-0.47 in).

Q: How do I determine if these clamps fit my hose? A: These clamps will be compatible if your hose falls within the 8-12mm (0.31-0.47 in) range.

Q: Are the Butterfly Clamps easy to install and remove? A: They are designed for straightforward installation and removal, requiring only hand adjustments.

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