Cabernet Sauvignon Dating Couple Pack of 50 (3.78 in x 3.78 in | 9.6 cm x 9.6 cm)

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High-Quality Wine Labels, Elevate Your Branding with Premium, Glossy, UV Protected Labels

Our wine labels are designed to add an elegant touch to your wine bottles or premium packaging. Each label measures 3.78 inches (96 mm or 9.6 cm) square, offering a perfect size for standard wine bottles and a range of other packaging needs. Crafted with ultra-removable adhesive, these labels are durable and convenient, allowing easy application and removal without leaving residue.

The high gloss finish on each label ensures a sophisticated, eye-catching appearance, making your product stand out on the shelves. Additionally, the labels are treated with UV varnish, protecting them from fading and maintaining their premium look under various lighting conditions. The perforation feature adds more detail and functionality, enhancing the user experience. 

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: An elegant touch to your wine bottles for a luxurious presentation.
  • Convenient Size: Square labels measuring 3.78 inches, ideal for wine bottles and other packaging.
  • Ultra-Removable Adhesive: Easy to apply and remove, leaves no residue.
  • High Gloss Finish: Ensures a striking, polished look.
  • UV Varnish Protection: Guards against fading and maintains vibrancy.
  • Perforated Detail: Adds functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Q: What are these labels best used for? A: They are ideal for wine bottles, premium packaging, and any product that benefits from a high-quality, elegant label.

Q: Is the adhesive strong enough to last? A: The ultra-removable adhesive is strong yet allows easy removal without residue. 

Q: Will the labels fade over time? A: The UV varnish protects the labels from fading, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.

Q: Are these labels easy to apply? A: Absolutely, their design and adhesive make them simple to apply to various surfaces.

Q: Can these labels be used for branding purposes? A: Their high gloss and elegant design make them perfect for enhancing brand presentation.

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