Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (3.78 L | 1 gal) - Airtight Fermentation, Made in Canada

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Elevate Small-Batch Brewing with the Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (3.78 L | 1 gal) - Canadian Craftsmanship

Perfect Your Artisanal Brews with Our Compact Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth

Our Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (3.78 L | 1 gal), made in Canada, is an ideal solution for airtight fermentation, especially for small-batch brewing. This FerMonster Wide Mouth carboy is crafted from food-grade PET plastic, highly resistant to oxygen, ensuring the purity and quality of your brews. Its 4" wide mouth design makes cleaning effortless, contributing to a hygienic brewing environment. Equipped with a sealed lid O-Ring and compatible with a #10 stopper, this carboy guarantees that your fermentation process remains secure and contained. Its construction's odorless nature ensures that your beverages' natural taste and aroma are preserved.

Weighing just 550g, this carboy is light and easy to handle, perfect for hobbyists and small-scale brewers. Its compact size, with a height of 9.5 inches and a diameter of 6.7 inches, allows for convenient storage and handling. With a temperature tolerance of up to 140°F, it can accommodate various brewing requirements. To maintain its integrity, avoid cleaning with water hotter than 53ºC (127ºF).

Key Features:

  • Airtight Fermentation: Ensures pristine brews with its sealed lid and O-Ring.
  • 4" Wide Mouth: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • Food-Grade PET: Offers excellent resistance against oxygen.
  • Lightweight Design: Easy to handle, weighing only 550g.
  • Compact Size: Space-efficient, measuring 9.5 inches in height and 6.7 inches in diameter.
  • Temperature Resilience: Safe for fermentations up to 140°F.
  • Odorless Construction: Preserves the natural flavors of your beverages.
  • Canadian Quality: Reflects the high standards of Canadian manufacturing.


Q: Is the carboy suitable for brewing different types of beverages? A: Absolutely, it's ideal for various beverages, from beer to kombucha.

Q: How do I safely move a full carboy? A: Carefully support the bottom and the side when moving a full carboy.

Q: Can the carboy handle chemical sanitizers? A: Yes, but ensure they are compatible with PET plastic and rinse thoroughly.

Q: Is this carboy appropriate for beginner brewers? A: Its size and ease of use make it perfect for beginners.

The Carboy Plastic Wide Mouth (3.78 L | 1 gal) is more than just a fermentation vessel; it's a key component in crafting quality small-batch brews. This Canadian-made product is an invaluable tool for any brewer looking to perfect their artisanal creations with precision and quality. Embrace the reliability and convenience it brings to your brewing process.

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