Bottle Stopper Re-sealer 12 per Pack

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Silicone Bottle Stopper Re-sealer: The Craftsperson's Choice for Optimal Preservation 

Seal the Deal on Freshness

Only the best will do when it comes to your homebrew or artisanal spirits. Presenting our Silicone Bottle Stopper Re-sealer, specifically engineered to keep your liquid creations in optimal condition. This re-sealer package is a must-have, designed to ensure your drinks remain as fresh and flavorful as the day they were made. Crafted with precision, it's your go-to solution for preserving the fruits of your labor.  

Key Features

  • Bulk 12-Pack with Versatile Applications: Always have re-sealers, whether preserving homebrews or preparing for special occasions like birthdays or weddings.
  • Airtight Seal Guaranteed: Expandable rubber rings ensure each seal is foolproof and air-tight, locking in that just-crafted taste, aroma, and freshness.
  • Universal Compatibility & Variety: One re-sealer fits all standard bottles and perfectly suits red and white wines.
  • Sustainable & Easy-to-Use: Made of high-grade silicone and stainless steel, these reusable and robust re-sealers operate effortlessly with a simple rotational and pull-down handle mechanism.


Q: What's the Count of Re-sealers in a Single Pack?
A: A single pack delivers 12 high-quality Silicone Bottle Stopper Re-sealers, ensuring you are well-equipped for your craft preservation.

Q: Do the Rubber Rings Expand for a Better Seal?
A: Our re-sealers have expandable rubber rings, always ensuring an airtight seal.

Q: Are These Re-sealers Reusable?
A: Absolutely. Built for durability and multiple uses, they're an eco-conscious and budget-friendly option.

Q: Are They Compatible with All Standard Bottles?
A: Our re-sealers are designed for universal compatibility, easily fitting all standard-sized bottles.

Q: How Effective Is the Seal for Freshness Preservation?
A: The air-tight mechanism guarantees to lock in the initial freshness and flavor, offering extended shelf-life for your beverages.

Q: What Material Makes Up These Re-sealers?
A: These re-sealers are made from premium silicone and stainless steel, combining lightweight (16g), durability, and easy storage.

Preserve the true essence of your craft with the Silicone Bottle Stopper Re-sealer.

Product colour and design may vary.

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