Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Paddle - 26-Inch Mixing and Stirring Tool | Food Grade | BPA-Free

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Elevate Your Cooking with the 26-inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Paddle.

Master the art of mixing with the 26-inch heavy-duty stainless steel paddle.

Introducing the 26-inch heavy-duty stainless steel paddle, your essential tool for expert mixing and stirring. This paddle, designed for robustness and durability, is constructed from food-grade stainless steel, making it a trustworthy companion for various culinary tasks, including handling heavy mashes. At 26 inches in length, it offers superior control and maneuverability, perfect for diverse cooking applications. Ensuring safety in food preparation, this paddle is BPA-free and proudly Canadian-made, reflecting a commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from heavy-duty food-grade stainless steel.
  • Ideal for Heavy Tasks: Perfectly designed for mixing and stirring heavy mashes.
  • BPA-Free: Ensures safe, worry-free use in food preparation.
  • Extended Length: 26-inch paddle for improved control and maneuverability.
  • Quality Canadian Craftsmanship: A testament to excellent manufacturing standards.


Q: What material is the Stainless Steel Paddle made from? A: The paddle is constructed from heavy-duty, food-grade stainless steel, ideal for culinary applications.

Q: How long is the paddle? A: It measures 26 inches, offering great control for various cooking tasks.

Q: Can this paddle handle tasks like mixing heavy mashes? A: Yes, it's specifically designed for such tasks, providing versatility in your kitchen.

Q: Is this paddle BPA-free? A: Yes, it is made from BPA-free materials, ensuring safety during food preparation.

The 26-inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Paddle is more than just a kitchen tool; it's an essential asset for anyone passionate about cooking. Whether you're a home chef, a craft maker, or involved in winemaking, this paddle guarantees efficiency, safety, and quality in every use. Trust this Canadian-made product to enhance your culinary experiences.

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