Plastic Top # 9 Pack of 100 (34 mm x 20 mm | 1.31 in x0.81 in)

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Plastic Top Corks #9 | Versatile and Secure Sealing for Bottling

Efficient Sealing with a Sleek Finish

Plastic Top Corks #9 are designed for winemakers, distillers, and home bottlers seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing sealing option. Each pack contains 100 corks, each 34 mm long and 20 mm in diameter, providing a snug fit for a wide range of bottle types. Crafted in Portugal, these corks combine premium-grade natural cork with a durable plastic top, offering both the secure seal required for preserving liquids and a clean, white decorative finish. Suitable for a variety of bottling needs, these corks are both functional and stylish, making them an ideal choice for ensuring the quality and integrity of your beverages.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Fit: At 34 mm by 20 mm, these corks are compatible with most bottles.
  • Premium Cork Base: Guarantees a tight seal for optimal liquid preservation.
  • Decorative Plastic Top: Provides a neat and clean appearance.
  • Versatility: Ideal for wines, spirits, and a variety of other bottled liquids.
  • Portuguese Quality: Reflects the country's expertise in cork product manufacturing.


Q: Can Plastic Top Corks #9 be used for carbonated beverages? A: They are generally suited for still wine and spirits but check the specific pressure requirements for carbonated beverages.

Q: Are these corks reusable? A: They are designed for single use to ensure the best seal for storage but may be reused for decorative or practical purposes where sealing integrity is not critical.

Q: How do the plastic tops enhance the cork's functionality? A: The plastic top provides an easy grip for removal and adds a decorative touch while ensuring the natural cork remains intact for a reliable seal.

Q: What makes these corks suitable for a variety of bottles? A: Their standard size allows them to fit a broad range of bottle openings commonly used for wine and spirits.

Q: Is the plastic top safe for long-term storage? A: Yes, the materials used are designed to be safe and suitable for the long-term storage of beverages.

Q: How does the quality of Portuguese cork production contribute to this product? A: Portugal's renowned cork craftsmanship ensures a product of high quality, combining traditional methods with modern manufacturing for superior bottling solutions.

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